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Dan checking out the snowcapped mountains
Mitch smiling with clouds in the background
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Mitch Gem­ma

Web Developer

Mitch attend­ed the Uni­ver­si­ty of New Hamp­shire and received his degree in busi­ness. Pri­or to join­ing the devel­op­ment team at Bon­fire, Mitch worked in finan­cial ser­vices, and quick­ly learned that he was out of place. Dur­ing this time, he start­ed div­ing into the world of pro­gram­ming, decid­ed to make the career shift and hasn’t looked back.

He was born and raised in Rhode Island and spends most of his free time hack­ing up a golf course, lost in the moun­tains, or on some­one else’s couch — heart-bro­ken by Boston sports. On most days you will be able to find him in the gym or mak­ing friends with any pups that he can find.
Joined Bonfire
June 2022
How He Takes His Coffee
Cream and sugar
Favorite Office Game
Ping Pong
Cooking breakfast on the fire.
Mitch's dog laying on his back looking at the camera
Mitch kayaking on a lake.
Skiing in the mountains.
Mitch's dog enjoying the water at the beach.
Tropical landscape.
Mitch and his girlfriend enjoying some outdoor dining.
Two mugs with latte art.