Ryan smiling for the camera
Dan checking out the snowcapped mountains
Mitch smiling with clouds in the background
Lane holding up and apple he picked
Craig and his family enjoying the outdoors
Dylan sitting on a sail boat
Michelle smiling outside the Bonfire office
Frank and his wife smiling outside of a beautiful building
Jerrianne posing in front of a lake with her arms spread open
Michael spending time by the beach
Hanging out on the roof deck at the Bonfire office
Joe enjoying a cold beer at lunch
Alissa in the traditional Bukchon Hanok Village in Seoul, Korea
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Max and his dog Remy on a hike

Joe Protz

Ryan's Emotional Support/Web Developer

Joe is a mem­ber of the devel­op­ment team at Bon­fire with a pas­sion for clean and effi­cient code, spe­cial­iz­ing in React and oth­er Front-End Frame­works. Joe thrives on com­plex prob­lem solv­ing and help­ing the team work through their own chal­lenges. In his free time, Joe can be found watch­ing scary movies, play­ing some Super Smash Broth­ers, prac­tic­ing pow­er­lift­ing, or spend­ing time by the lake. Joe hopes to retire off of GME, and spend the rest of his life tour­ing the world’s brew­eries, sur­viv­ing on noth­ing but beer and nachos.
Joined Bonfire
June, 2020
How He Takes His Coffee
He enjoys a good whisky sour
Favorite office game
"Push to prod on a Friday evening"
Peaking in the window at the Bonfire office
Delicious homemade nachos
Joe and Mike playing chess at Bonfire HQ
Joe and his girlfriend enjoying a warm fall night
The view from the lakehouse
Watching the sunset off the back of the boat
Joe enjoying a cold beer at lunch
Hanging out at the brewery