Ryan smiling for the camera
Dan checking out the snowcapped mountains
Lane holding up and apple he picked
Craig and his family enjoying the outdoors
Dylan sitting on a sail boat
Michelle smiling outside the Bonfire office
Frank and his wife smiling outside of a beautiful building
Jerrianne posing in front of a lake with her arms spread open
Michael spending time by the beach
Hanging out on the roof deck at the Bonfire office
Joe enjoying a cold beer at lunch
Alissa in the traditional Bukchon Hanok Village in Seoul, Korea
Max and his dog Remy on a hike

Joe Protz

Ryan's Emotional Support/Web Developer

Joe is a mem­ber of the devel­op­ment team at Bon­fire with a pas­sion for clean and effi­cient code, spe­cial­iz­ing in React and oth­er Front-End Frame­works. Joe thrives on com­plex prob­lem solv­ing and help­ing the team work through their own chal­lenges. In his free time, Joe can be found watch­ing scary movies, play­ing some Super Smash Broth­ers, prac­tic­ing pow­er­lift­ing, or spend­ing time by the lake. Joe hopes to retire off of GME, and spend the rest of his life tour­ing the world’s brew­eries, sur­viv­ing on noth­ing but beer and nachos.
Joined Bonfire
June, 2020
How He Takes His Coffee
He enjoys a good whisky sour
Favorite office game
"Push to prod on a Friday evening"
Peaking in the window at the Bonfire office
Delicious homemade nachos
Joe and Mike playing chess at Bonfire HQ
Joe and his girlfriend enjoying a warm fall night
The view from the lakehouse
Watching the sunset off the back of the boat
Joe enjoying a cold beer at lunch
Hanging out at the brewery