Ryan smiling for the camera
Dan checking out the snowcapped mountains
Mitch smiling with clouds in the background
Lane holding up and apple he picked
Craig and his family enjoying the outdoors
Dylan sitting on a sail boat
Michelle smiling outside the Bonfire office
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Dan Collins

Senior Web Developer

Dan is a mem­ber of the devel­op­ment team at Bon­fire, with the iRo­bot Select pro­gram being his main focus. Have you ever want­ed a Room­ba to wan­der your home all day pick­ing up dog hair but don’t feel like pay­ing full price up front? Boy does he have a web­site for you. Pre­vi­ous to Bon­fire Dan spent sev­er­al years at anoth­er web agency, which is where he and Craig crossed paths for the first time, lead­ing to them work­ing togeth­er again today. After work you can find Dan bop­ping around Portsmouth, drink­ing out­side with friends, hit­ting up live music and tweak­ing his per­fect fan­ta­sy foot­ball lineups.
Joined Bonfire
November, 2020
How He Takes His Coffee
Super extra black
Favorite Office Game
Watching Craig make Ryan cry at pool
Dan enjoying a beverage while dressed as a banana
Dan enjoying some spaghetti
The Bonfire crew overlooking the White Mountains
Dan checking out the snowcapped mountains
Dan and friends on a trek through the woods
Dan and a friend enjoying a beer at Oktoberfest
Dan hugging a hippopotamus statue