Product Reviews Plugin Released

Blog / Jon Farrell

What's the one thing that we all look at before purchasing a product online? Product reviews! When we saw that Craft Commerce didn't have a product review system built in we decided to build one ourselves. We're happy to announce that you can now purchase this plugin through our website!

About The Plugin

Just like our last plugin, this one was also created out of necessity. It's almost surprising that it wasn't included but it did give us the opportunity to build a plugin that can help our fellow developers out, similar to our first plugin, Popular Products. After discussing the most essential qualities of a review system we decided that the plugin should: 

We were able to include all of those in version 1 of this plugin and welcome outside opinions for a future version release.

Recent Reviews

Screenshot of the 'Product Reviews' Plugin page

To learn more about our plugin or to purchase it click here. Stay tuned because we'll be releasing more Craft plugins in the coming months.